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Do you sell frames and glasses?

Yes. We make the glass lenses here at our clinic and if there are any issues with your frames we can take care of it. 


When should children visit an eye doctor?

We recommend the first visit to be at 2 years old and after that every year check up is important. Children's eyes develope fast and changes can happen quickly. 


Do you sell lenses?

Yes, We sell many kinds of lenses.


Are eye exams free?

Some Eye exams are covered. Children's eye exams are free. We recommend that you ask at the time of booking because there are different packages. 

Why I should check my eyes?

Eyes can develope other issues that are different from seeing clearly. By visiting an eye doctor that checks the inside of your eyes you make sure your eyes are healthy. 


Do you sell eyelash enhancing serums?

Yes, We sell products that claim to enhance your eyelashes such as Lattis. 


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